In the span of the last couple of years, I’ve captured locals, passersby, interesting characters, tender moments that I’ve seen. This photo series is an international depiction of my environment through notable people.


Graphic Content

Visual notes: a collection of pleasant color palettes, photographic punchlines, mildly interesting things


Graphic Design



This poster series is inspired by phlegm, also known as “sputum”. Phlegm has had an interesting reputation in medicine throughout history. These posters communicate different cultural perceptions of phlegm, historically, medically, emotionally, visually.


Ashes Magazine

ASHES is a speculative design magazine, targeted towards future elite to plan their funeral. It encourages reflection on current attempts towards sustainability through a speculative projection of our treatment of the dead and dying. 

This magazine projects a future in which contrived sustainable practices become fashionable ways to mourn. All content is written by me, with the exception of the last page. Photography is credited in the magazine. 





Drawings that remix human body parts, drawing inspiration from surrealism, low-brow art, body-horror, character design, comic illustration, and more.



Tattoo designs centered around elements of Asian culture, depicted through neo-traditional American tattoo style.


Ink Drawings

People and things with brush and ink



An illustrated exploration of Bag, Bags, and Baggage




Swimming Pool


35” x 50”


In Progress

Dumplings, Kendama, etc.