ASHES is a speculative design magazine, targeted towards future elite to plan their funeral. It encourages reflection on greenwashing through speculative projection of death and dying. This magazine projects a future in which greenwashing makes its way into the funeral industry: contrived sustainable practices make mourning fashionable.

All content is written by me, with the exception of the last page. Photography is credited in the magazine. 

Projections of the Future: A Magazine About Death

Click to read this issue of ASHES.

Click to read this issue of ASHES.

ASHES is the leading source for contemporary dying: promoting modern practices in Mournism, Experimental Grief, and Discursive Death.

The reality that I've designed around faces the problem of processing the dead sustainably. It mirrors the trajectory of two fields today: food and cars. As sustainability inches towards the forefront of our minds, the market has accommodated. In the food industry, eating sustainably is something only the rich can afford to do, birthing a niche community that convenes weekly at Whole Foods. In the car industry, we're in an ironic limbo in which we try to drive sustainably, in eco-friendly cars, but in doing so, produce more and more green cars to appeal to the new market.

My projected future of death manifests in this high brow magazine for the future elite to plan their own funeral in a modern/sustainable way, while the poor are all shipped to the Bayer-Monsanto graveyard. In the future, dying becomes a claim to individuality or an exposition of values.

Please note, all written content is written by me (except for the last article), and none of the imagery found in this magazine is attributed to me.