What is Design?

This video summarizes what design means to me, why I think design is important, and what good design is. while drawing parallels between chefs and designers. 

"There is a linkage between the experiences we have, and the things we make. Designers make things that connect with people. These things become the avenue through which we can provide a voice, a skill, or an emotion. When orchestrated well, designed artifacts make a collection digestible, inviting us to engage with a multitude of things without friction. In this way, design becomes the backbone of an experience through the artifacts that compose it. These artifacts act as a delivery mechanism that speaks to each user, it creates something good, something we remember.

With each success, Designers advocate for cohesion instead of integration. Design helps us distinguish the complex from the complicated. With a consistent sense of care throughout the hierarchy of these things, we envision the whole before the whole exists. By creating cohesive experiences, Design pushes us to carefully select each artifact that can offer that to us. 

An artifact is a vehicle by which Design can inspire care, raise standards, and offer solace in a tailored world."