This lamp is constructed with a poured concrete shade and base, with hand-bent stainless steel piping.

The lamp has two adjustable hinges, which are encased by the machined stainless steel pipe. The lamp uses a candelabra bulb, activated by a toggle switch. 

Concrete Desk Lamp





Lamp Shade The concrete shade is constructed with a styrene female mold and wooden core to create the structure of the lamp shade. The forms were adapted from lathed poplar. 

Stainless Steel Structure The upper component of the steel tubing is hand-bent with a pipe bender, into a U shape and then drilled and reamed with the lower component to fit around the hinges. The stainless U pipe is put into the styrene mold in preparation for casting concrete. 

Casting While casting, openings are made for the steel tubing and power cord in the lamp shade, while a socket for the toggle switch and hinge are hollowed out in the concrete base

Assembly After both the stainless steel parts are cast into their respective concrete bases, the parts are friction fit together to complete the assembly.