FOCUS is the senior design exhibition of Carnegie Mellon's Design Class of 2017

Curated by myself and communication designer, Rae Headrick, this exhibition showcases CMU Design student works under five themes: Stories, Relationships, Thoughts, Action, and Beauty. The show was planned and installed in the Miller Gallery in 50 days, in conjunction with a branding and build team. The exhibition was displayed for the week of December 03, 2016

FOCUS: Senior Design Showcase



“Friends Only Cause Ugly Sketches,” or F.O.C.U.S., is a tongue-in-cheek motto from freshman year that reminded us to concentrate on our work. While our practice has been closely guided by our professors, the feedback and support from our peers has been just as important in our growth and development. 

Though each of us carries a unique definition of what design is, we have chosen to represent our work through five themes: Stories, Relationships, Beauty, Thoughts and Actions.


STORIES celebrates memories, narratives, and significant history. 

RELATIONSHIPS showcases projects that focus on initiating, facilitating, or celebrating relationships between people.

BEAUTY explores aesthetics through furniture, objects, and graphics. 

THOUGHTS encourages discussion and reflection. These projects provoke us to question and speculate on our reality and values. 

ACTIONS fosters certain behaviors by intuitively promoting play, curiosity, or care. 



This is a timeline illustrating the different developments that took place throughout the 50 day process of planning the exhibition.