Project Timeline

Feb 9  Project Objective

Determined as facilitating end-of-life conversations to better prepare for and deal with death


Feb 16  Death Preparation and Grieving Process

Research preparation including medical, legal, social, spiritual considerations, grieving process including stages of grief, role of religion and community

Interviews with death-related professionals Tim Smith, Cheryl Leath, Sarah Hansen


Feb 23  Charette 1

Vivian: Handheld marble artifact meant to soothe mourners

Lea: Comprehensive map of end-of-life conversations


Mar 2  Existing Product Landscape

Services for death preparation, conversation facilitators, aids for grief

Exploring the physical and digital realms and how they can support above processes


Mar 9  Project Thesis

Service architecture and revised goals statement


Mar 23  Charette 2

Vivian: Discovering new information post-mortem

Lea: Facilitating hierloom-based information exchange


Mar 30  Relationships

Exploring relationships (lovers, family, friends) as they relate to major

changes/death to inform emotion, tone, and content of  final service and artifact


Apr 6  Final Concept

Finalized concept for service, artifact, and interaction


Apr 27 Iterations and Testing

Iterations of overall product (service and artifact)

Research session with potential users


May 18 Final Deliverables

Deliverables completed including prototypes, service map, and justification